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Annual Meeting 2024

The annual openCFS meeting is intended as an open forum to exchange about openCFS or related software. Participants from industry and academic researchers share how they use openCFS to solve their modeling and simulation tasks. Developers present recently implemented new features, and the openCFS team will give a short introduction for new users and advertise less well-known functionality for advanced users. The association for the promotion of the software openCFS decided to award prizes for completing implementation projects within or related to openCFS. We will present these projects in the framework of the meeting.

  • Date: 22.-23. February 2024
  • Location: TU Graz, Austria (Lecture room HS i6, Inffeldgasse 25/D, Campus Inffeldgasse, TU Graz, 8010 Graz)


Please sign up by emailing either the registration form or equivalent information including the Name, Affiliation, VAT-ID, Address, Registration type, Dinner-discount to dominik.mayrhofer@tugraz.at as soon as possible. The deadline for the registration is the 12. February 2024. An invoice will be sent to you shortly before the meeting.

All fees stated are net prices. VAT may apply. Fees include access to the talks, coffee breaks, drinks and the social event (dinner).

For those who can't make it to the meeting in person the option to participate online will be possible on request. If you do not want to take part in the social event (dinner) a discount (50 €) is possible.

Regular (300 €)

For regular participants.

New member (150 €)

Reduced fee for people wanting to join the association. This registration is counted as an application for regular membership in the association and includes the membership fee for the year of the meeting.

Reduced (120 €)

Members of the association and speakers at the meeting are entitled to register at the reduced fee.

Student/Online (0 €)

Students and online participants can take part at the meeting free of charge. Please register and provide a confirmation of your student-status.


The meeting will start on Thursday (noon) and end at Friday (early afternoon). There will be a social event (dinner) at Thursday evening. The preliminary program is available here.

Funded openCFS implementation projects

The association decided to fund new implementation topics each year. The participants of the annual meeting suggested topics and voted on their favorites, which led to the selection of four projects. An implementation project should be done by a young developer, who will be suported by CFS maintainers. Upon completion (successful merge) of a project, the contributor will be awarded 1000 Euro. Contact us via GitLab if you're interested in a project.

CFSReader Plugin in ParaView

Our long established ParaView plugin for reading openCFS created HDF5 files (*.cfs) has finally been merged into upstream ParaView. This means you can download ParaView nightly builds with the CFSReader plugin included. Just activate it in the Plugin Manager and enjoy visualizing openCFS simulation results.

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Static Analysis

Transient Analysis

Harmonic Analysis

Multi-Harmonic Analysis

Eigenfrequency Analysis

Nonconforming Grid

Model Order Reduction

Structural Optimization


Association for the promotion of the software

Verein zur Förderung der Software openCFS

The association "Verein zur Förderung der Software openCFS" has been founded in 2020 and its main goal is the promotion of the open source software openCFS. The main objectives of the association are

  • Comprehensive maintenance and further development of the open source software openCFS
  • Promotion of the use of openCFS for scientific problems which are solved with the help of numerical simulation, thus leading to new, innovative products for the benefit of mankind (Technology for People)
  • Promotion of the scientific documentation of openCFS and the use of openCFS in higher education
  • Promotion of young scientists, especially students at universities in Austria and Germany and worldwide, in the field of numerical simulation of complex technical systems

For details see the Articles of Association (Statuten des Vereins).


Several memberships are available that allow supporting the development and marketing of openCFS. We welcome new members: just contact us by email and please attach the filled out application form with all necessary information.


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