Annual Meeting 2024

The annual openCFS meeting is intended as an open forum to exchange about openCFS or related software. Participants from industry and academic researchers share how they use openCFS to solve their modeling and simulation tasks. Developers present recently implemented new features, and the openCFS team will give a short introduction for new users and advertise less well-known functionality for advanced users. The association for the promotion of the software openCFS decided to award prizes for completing implementation projects within or related to openCFS. We will present these projects in the framework of the meeting.

  • Date: 22.-23. February 2024
  • Location: TU Graz, Austria (Lecture room HS i6, Inffeldgasse 25/D, Campus Inffeldgasse, TU Graz, 8010 Graz)


The meeting program is available here.


We had a productive meeting with about 25 participants. Everyone enjoyed meeting fellow users and developers during the meeting as well as the dinner. The fruitful discussions lead to knew ideas which will hopefully manifest themselfs in the new release as ideal implementions (nomen est omen).